• Equipment Map
  • Asset Viewer

Time Management

  • Status And Location Monitoring
  • Fluid Monitoring
  • Billing Support


  • Reducing Your Maintenance Expenses By Up To 40 %
  • Electronic Capture Of Engine Hours And Maintenance Forecasting
  • Condition Monitorings

Safety & Security

  • 24 / 7 Monitoring Of Your Ground Fleet
  • Access Control
  • Motion Monitoring
  • Impact Monitoring
  • Geofencing

Reporting & Analysis

  • Information At Your Finger Tips
  • Standard Reports
  • Equipment Map Replay
  • Equipment Messenger

Time Management

Status And Location Management

  • Enables the operation people to select a unit based on real-time data not only by knowing the current location but also the unit’s operation status as well as its engine status

Fluid Management

  • Optimises the processes related to fluids of all kinds in your fleet’s tanks
  • Unnecessary filling or emptying of tanks may be reduced by up to 50 + %

Billing Support

  • Valuable feature to electronically capture billing data for value added services